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CfP – Special Issue: Active Ageing and Educational Gerontology

Deadline: 20.04.2023

Dear Colleagues

The World Health Organization designed educational gerontology as the foundation that supports the three key pillars of active ageing – namely, health, social participation and income security. Lifelong learning opportunities in later life enable older persons to age successfully, and remain socially relevant and engaged in society. The integration of lifelong learning into active ageing discourse functions to safeguard the right of persons to age positively since the potential role that learning might play in promoting quality of life in old age has long been recognized by academics and policy makers alike. Older adults’ participation in learning is independently and positively associated with social and psychological wellbeing, even among those typically classified as frail and/or vulnerable by allowing to strengthen their reserve capacities and remaining autonomous and fulfilled.


-Older adult learning

-Universities of the Third Age


-Critical Educational Gerontology

-Late-life Learning

-Older learners

Manuscripts submitted online at until the first deadline of 30 September 2022 will have their Article Processing Charge waived.

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